The Roadmap, Part 3: it’s 2018. Where is your kid’s school?

Grafton parents have come to expect a quality and competitive educational experience for their children.  So, to paraphrase a great Aaron Sorkin line from The West Wing, running for Selectman without understanding the school department is like running for the President of the Walt Disney World Corporation by saying that you’re going to fix the […]

“The last thing we need is another committee!!”

Dennis Perron last week:       Dennis Perron today: I have been asked about my “Common Sense Approach” to the budget and my proposals for budget consolidations. On October 20, 2008, Town Meeting voted to establish the Shared Services Committee. “Article 16. Consolidation of Administrative Functions allows the Town to consolidate administrative functions, including […]

Roadmap Part 2: Your Wants. Your Needs. Your Budget.

On a cold February night in 2014, a group of parents, town administrators, and school staff gathered in the high school library for a presentation on the bad news.  In one year’s time, the crowd was told, Grafton no longer would be able to maintain the level of school services that residents come to expect.  […]

The Roadmap Part 1: How to Avoid an Override.

“Ed,” she said. “I heard that they’re going to try and paint you as the override candidate.” “What?” “Yeah,” she continued.  “Because you support schools.” I let this information wash over me.  It felt as though I was being told I was the anti-environmental candidate because I drive my car to work every day. “These […]

Wing and Prayer: Summarizing the School Budget Presentation

For two hours on Wednesday, the Finance Committee was presented by Grafton Superintendent Jay Cummings with a litany of school budget cost increases well in excess of the 2.5% we are allotted under Proposition 2.5.  Some of those cost increases were strikingly large.  And yet, to a person on a Finance Committee filled with budget […]