The Roadmap, Part 6: Restoring Accountability

There was a subtly important moment this evening at Town Meeting that I think exemplifies the difference between this administration’s approach and how I think things ought to be run.  At one point, Donna Girouard, Grafton resident and former Town Clerk questioned the Town Administrator as to why funding was not being proposed for an […]

The Roadmap, Part 5: Economic Development

Question: What do quality schools and affordable housing have in common? Answer: economic development. Wait, what? At first blush, those sentences make no sense.  Subjects like education, affordable housing and economic development seem like totally disparate topics.  But as community after community feels the pinch of declining state aid and a frustrated local residential tax […]

The Roadmap Part 4: You don’t know anything until you know where your capital money is spent.

It’s almost crazy that I’m getting to the capital platform fourth.  Really, it should be first.  You can’t tell me about your spending priorities in your community before you can tell me what your capital obligations are in the next five years. The goal of any capital improvement plan is to create a logical, data-driven, […]

The Roadmap, Part 3: it’s 2018. Where is your kid’s school?

Grafton parents have come to expect a quality and competitive educational experience for their children.  So, to paraphrase a great Aaron Sorkin line from The West Wing, running for Selectman without understanding the school department is like running for the President of the Walt Disney World Corporation by saying that you’re going to fix the […]