What Is A Structural Deficit? Are We Running One?

I finally got around to watching Tuesday’s Board of Selectman meeting tonight.  All I can say is, holy cow. I’m lying.  That’s not all I can say.  I could say a lot.  For now let’s talk about something boring called “structural deficits.” That sounds like a fancy-schmancy term that a lawyer, accountant or politician would […]

Millions Secretly Hidden In School Budget!

April fools! I crack myself up. Anyway, we’ve come to the busy time of year in town government.  Town meeting is just over a month away, election season officially is upon us, and budget and warrant review are under away.  And, of course, the ongoing issues with the Grafton Teachers’ Association are… ongoing.   There is […]

Lies, Errors, and Omissions: The GTA’s Wild and Wacky Weekend

It’s been an incredible 72-hours in the on-going saga of the Grafton Teachers’ Association’s contractual impasse that has seen the GTA arguably commit violations of Massachusetts collective bargaining laws, post fake school administrator raises, and reveal that their contract proposal actually will cost Grafton millions of dollars that we do not have, and is still […]

Did the GTA just engage in cyberbullying?

Massachusetts has laws against criminal harassment, including cyberbullying, which include electronically-communicated threats and willfully and maliciously directing electronic communications at a specific person that seriously alarm that person and would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress. Anyone following this blog over the past few months knows that conversations with Grafton Teachers Association about […]

Don Corleone Says You Should Take The Offer

I understand that not everyone is as interested in municipal finance as I am.  I understand that for most people, municipal policy isn’t even a blip on the radar in day-to-day life.  I get it.  So, I find it totally understandable if well-meaning parents instinctively want to support teachers in their dispute with the town over […]