“You can’t,” they said.

You can’t say that.

You can’t start a blog about Grafton and expect people to take you seriously.

You can’t fight town hall.

You can’t promote affordable housing and have people like you.

You can’t speak truth to power around here.

You can’t argue facts and expect to win.

You can’t write a detailed platform and expect people to read or understand it.

You can’t be on Grafton Complains.

You can’t win against a townie.

You can’t run a positive, issues oriented campaign and expect to win.

You can’t get people to pay attention to issues.

You can’t get people to care about a town budget.

You can’t, absolutely cannot, wear that jacket.

Well, I just did.

I have so many, many people to thank.  First and foremost, thank you to my wife who deserved more of my time and attention, not only during this campaign, but over the past three years than I could give at times when town things were busy.  Thanks for hanging in there.

Thank you to my campaign manager, Lisa Kelley for, at times, caring more about my winning than I did and for always telling me when I was being an idiot, which was more frequently than I care to admit.

Thank you Sue and Dave Robbins for always helping, and doing things to help before it even occured to me that I might need that help.

Thank you to Katie Brown for taking completely needless slings and arrows on my behalf.  “Welcome to Grafton!” You’ve deserved zero percent of the hassle.

On that note, thank you to Grafton Complains, or as I like to call you, my “caustic advocates for change.”  Not to put too fine a point on it, but this great country was founded by people complaining about taxes on tea.  So you keep on keeping on.

Thank you to Mat, Bruce and Peter for always being my sounding board and sticking with me through some tough times.

Thank you, Susan Fiacco, for my Finance Committee education over the past three years.

Thank you to everyone who gave up their time to assist with the campaign.  You are too many to name, but you know who you are.  I value your support more than you know.

Thank you, Lucky, for the pizza.

Thank you to all of the wonderful Graftonians that I’ve met over the past two months.  It’s tremendously encouraging to me that we have such good, caring people in town.

Thank you Dennis and Jen for caring enough about Grafton to run.

And thank you to all of you out there who have given me encouragement over the years to keep doing what I do.  I probably will never be able to adequately express to you how much an occassional note from a reader means to me.  I’m glad I started this space.  Thanks for reading.

Finally, to all of you out there who told me I couldn’t – or who told others that I shouldn’t.  You were with me always.


  1. I was a member of the unknown supporters that promoted you and your ideas and I am delighted you won! Congratulations!!


    1. Pat you were not unknown to us! I recently reread the message of support you posted for Ed last time! Thanks for sticking with him;)


  2. Congratulations Ed! I’ve been a reader of Grafton Planet since I first heard of your unceremonious ousting from the AHT. Since then I’ve shared many of your posts with colleagues, local elected officials and community members that want to be more effective in their communities. I’ve used pieces of your writing (I do give credit, but hopefully can avoid a usage fee given the non-profit status of my work) to explain municipal fiscal planning, realities of school costs and teacher contracts and the importance of the conveyance of facts. Yes, they do exist and you make them accessible to a wide audience. Not sure when it became unpopular, and dare I say almost un-American, to be well-informed, moderate and inclusive. What I appreciate most is your humor and capacity to take it on the chin and keep on going. That’s hard in these days of divisive, personal and narrow politics happening at both ends of the spectrum. Although a good watering hole and IPA helps. And a little snark and the occasional f-bomb. I’ve missed those during your campaign days. Your response to local high school student Dan was poignant and important. Your puff piece was great fun. Although my fandom may have been a bit tempered by your love for VH. Give me Led Zep. But the best is when you mentioned my husband in one of your pieces about the teacher contract negotiations. I forwarded it to him (and most of my office) and told him NOW he had really made it.
    Best of luck on this new adventure and know your words are having an impact beyond the borders of Grafton.
    Susan Connelly


  3. I don’t know if I ever used the word can’t (I may have and I may have also used the word should at times). Very happy to be proven wrong this time. Congratulations to you and I’m looking forward to working with you on your new role on the BOS. Thanks for being you.


    1. Thanks, Brook. If you hadn’t decided not to run for re-election, lied about my tenure on affordable housing, and went on TV and accused me of not understanding the budget as FinComm chair… I might not have run at all. And that’s the truth. You’re a true inspiration.


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