Dennis Perron last week:




Dennis Perron today:

I have been asked about my “Common Sense Approach” to the budget and my proposals for budget consolidations. On October 20, 2008, Town Meeting voted to establish the Shared Services Committee. “Article 16. Consolidation of Administrative Functions allows the Town to consolidate administrative functions, including but not limited to financial, personnel, and maintenance functions, of the school committee with those of the city or town; provided, however, that such consolidation may occur only upon a majority vote of both the school committee and at the annual town meeting.”

I propose that we revive that committee and look at shared services such as Building & Grounds Maintenance to see where consolidation may result in budget cost savings.

Beyond the fact that my opponent was derisive and negative toward me after I called for an inclusive, community-wide re-evaluation of services provided, cost drivers, income sources and management of town services, lies now the fact that only two weeks later he seems to have abandoned his prior statement that he had reviewed the budget book and already had found cost savings.  Now, instead he will partially rip off my idea in a half-hearted way out of explaining himself.  What happened to not needing another committee, Dennis?  Or was that just a fun way to take a dig at your opponent to…  how did you put it… make yourself seem smart by making someone else feel dumb?

We’re only a few weeks into this race and he’s all over the place.  Conversely, I’ve come into this with a clear plan and a consistent message that I’ve been belting out for years to anyone who will listen.

There’s just no real comparison here.





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