Moving On

In the end, perhaps this was all inevitable. As soon as Grafton’s first override passed on June 14, 2014, we were on a countdown to yet another financial predicament.  And despite yesterday’s passage of a second override in six years, we find ourselves in exactly the same spot these years later – counting down yet […]

WARRANT-GATE: The Select Board Removes a Warrant Article Affecting SuperPark. A Fight Ensues.

Fresh on the heels of our last covid-era local government controversy, we now have Warrant-gate, brought to you by exactly the same people who brought to you Letter-gate. The facts and circumstances are straightforward: A Grafton resident brought a Citizen’s Petition to re-direct $240,000 in tax-payer money away from the proposed “Super Park” to other, […]

Lettergate – The Controversy Grafton Needs Now

With Lettergate, our latest controversy in which Grafton’s Assistant Town Administrator sent from her work account an email to town employees requesting that they write Select Board members to advocate for the Town Administrator’s new contract, we have reached peak Grafton town government disfunction.  This mess succinctly embodies the directionless garbage fire the Board has […]

Grafton’s Wasted Year Begs the Question: Do We Even Need Selectmen?

Quick, name the Grafton Board Of Selectmen’s biggest accomplishment in the 2018-2019 year. Go on. I’ll wait. During Grafton TV’s Selectmen candidate Q&A session*, Board Chairman and candidate for re-election, Sargon Hanna, repeatedly suggested that, despite Grafton’s pressing fiscal issues, our real priority should be “unifying” the board of Selectmen within itself and encouraging other […]

A Quiet, Substance Free Election? Not On My Watch.

This is – no lie – the single most important municipal election of the past ten years, and yet there is zero buzz about it.  Let’s change that right now.  We’re facing a million dollar deficit next year.  Without adding significant additional income, or implementing dramatic expense reductions, you can expect fewer town services, larger […]