Requiem for Decency: Goodbye George H.W. Bush

There was a moment during the 1992 Presidential campaign when then-President George H.W. Bush was asked during a public appearance a pointed question by a young man in the audience, and the President asked the young man, “How old are you?”  Twenty-five, he replied.  “It shows,” said the President. In my formative years, that sort […]

No, we did NOT increase your tax rate 4.72%*insert eyeroll emoji here*

Ordinarily, I stay out of the media criticism business.  Being a journalist is a hard, thankless job, and lord knows the President of the United States does a good enough job on his own of villifying the Denizens of the Desktop without my help. But Jesus Henry Christ, when I woke up this morning to […]

Where Did The Money Go: The honest, boring truth.

Two words after hearing from the School Committee that they’re projecting cutting 65 educational positions if the Town Administrator’s five year budget projections become reality: déjà vu. After five years of trying to get the town to embrace the best practices adopted by other communities dealing with structural deficits, I still cannot get the Board […]