Grafton’s Wasted Year Begs the Question: Do We Even Need Selectmen?

Quick, name the Grafton Board Of Selectmen’s biggest accomplishment in the 2018-2019 year. Go on. I’ll wait. During Grafton TV’s Selectmen candidate Q&A session*, Board Chairman and candidate for re-election, Sargon Hanna, repeatedly suggested that, despite Grafton’s pressing fiscal issues, our real priority should be “unifying” the board of Selectmen within itself and encouraging other […]

A Quiet, Substance Free Election? Not On My Watch.

This is – no lie – the single most important municipal election of the past ten years, and yet there is zero buzz about it.  Let’s change that right now.  We’re facing a million dollar deficit next year.  Without adding significant additional income, or implementing dramatic expense reductions, you can expect fewer town services, larger […]